Digital transition consulting

Diagnostic of your company needs
and co-creation of an action plan for digital transformation


the main challenges

Companies will benefit from DIVA advisers support to analyse and specify their needs and/or issues regarding exploitation of data in their organisation. An assessment of their digital maturity will be carried out.

This first step will give to DIVA experts a better understanding of the company needs, allowing the identification of potential solutions to improve their performance. These recommendations will be formulated in a digital transformation action plan.

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This diagnostic consists in an assessment of your digital maturity and an identification of your needs for digital transformation and for the improvement of your data exploitation. One of the DIVA advisers (expert from the sector you are involved in), will help you in identifying the main challenges and needs to be addressed and to define an action plan to implement digital transformation.

on Artificial Intelligence

You would like to get better results on your AI projects? Get to know your AI adoption level. This service aims to help you planning and implementing proper activities to start and progress with AI solutions. The diagnostic targets organisations willing to place AI at the heart of their development and strategy, as well as those having some experiences with AI.

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