Supporting the digitalization of companies

Support to digital transformation plan implementation and Test before Invest


digitalisation project

DIVA provides to companies a technological expertise, services and products to develop their digitalisation project:

• Proof of Concept (POC) and AI/data technologies experimentation

• Support for data collection

• Data consolidation in a secure and interoperable environment

• Access to data warehouses and platforms to test solutions

Beneficiaries will be able to test technologies and services before investing and deploying them in real environment.

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Support to digital transformation plan implementation

Your company will benefit from a customised support provided by one of the DIVA advisers to help implement and monitor your digital transformation plan, namely for objectives definition, priorities for action set-up, identification of relevant services in DIVA and/or beyond EDIH scope, monitoring of services implementation progress and identification of potential follow-up activities.

Workshop Design AI

This ideation workshop will help you to better target specific need and identify opportunities for AI solutions integration for selected problematics, entering the company value chain. Provided by an expert team (solution designer, integrators AI, researcher), this service is recommended at the initial phase of development or research projects.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

DIVA will support you in identifying and testing relevant technologies and solutions for the optimisation of your data management.

Access to three services of Proof of Concept are provided:

TeraLab – POC secure infrastructure for data

TeraLab offers its secure, neutral, and trusted infrastructure for your data processing and sharing experiments. The service includes setting up a workspace (dedicated, secure, sovereign or even distributed environments) composed by customized virtual machines (CPU, RAM, storage, …), installing necessary software and AI tools for your experiment and providing services such as access control, monitoring, data storage and backup, and account management.

CAPACITES – POC algorithms

TData science project (statistics, mathematics) or IT development (algorithms or models). This service allows data management systems (data collection, quality, valorisation, architecture…) to Artificial Intelligence models design : machine learning or deep learning (predictive analytics, optimisation, computer vision and image recognition,…)

IMTA – PoC recherche:

Design and development of innovative technical solutions (i.e. prototype) answering industrial needs for which a research project is required due to the complexity in terms of objectives, data or solution design. First demonstrations and experimentations are performed during this POC.

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